Each fishing for you must be a real vacation!
Anglers say they know that the bad day of fishing is lot better than the best day at work!

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Carp fishing bait TIGER NUTS

Tiger nuts is one of the best baits for catching carp. Carp love tiger nuts. Tiger nuts are hard nuts which have to be prepared properly before they can fished with.

In fishing is used from 80-years of the last century. You can buy prepared or raw. In every little better store fishing equipment can be found on the shelves (for example, of Dynamite Baits). If you buy prepared tiger nuts do not have any concerns, go to fishing and that's it. If you buy it raw, you'll have to cook it. First put into the water over 24 hours, then in that lead cook about 30 minutes, then cool down nut. Into cooked nuts you can add scents, aditive and colors, but I recommend that you do not do it because carp likes flavour such as natural taste. Tiger cooked nut, you can also freeze and after that normally use. You can mix it with other baits (corn, boilies, hemp, etc.) anduse it for feeding. Skilful angler says that if the carp will not take any bait, it will bite on tiger nut (whether it is a truth check on your own). Today, there are a lot of the type buy boilies on the basis of tiger nut. You can hair rigged them and I usually put two onto the hair. At the pictures you can se tiger nuts dry particle and prepared one from the shop.

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