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Carp boilie recipe

This is my personal recipe, which I always use and it is always good because the basic ingredients will remain the same, but everything else that is considering the taste, smell and various additives can be changed by the personal opinion of each angler. Each of us knows the best of its water.


10% rice flour

15% soya flour

10% shells flour

10% fish flour (if there is no shells then 10% of flour

white fish more)

10% powdered milk

10% bird food (Robin red)

5% white corn flour (finely grind)

30% semolina


5 ml of oil from the liver of hake

3 ml clear alhohol

2 ml of corn oil

2 teaspoons of honey

3 tablespoons powdered sugar (even better liquid sugars only what needs to reduce the

amount of sugar)

4 eggs plus two egg yolk

2 tablespoons powder for density of corn

PREPARATION: Stir eggs with a ladle, but watch that you do not make foam, and that eggs remain yellow. Add the other liquid ingrediens in eggs. Add the basic mixture slowly to the liquid mixture, but do not work vice versa and blend all until the mixture don't be equal and compact. You will know when the paste is ready when it forms a firm ball that isn't sticky and can hold its shape. Make the sausages from the mixture and with rolling table or by hands create a boilies.

COOKING: Bring some water to the boil and add about 15-20 boilies at a time to the boiling water. Do not add to many so that the water goes off boil. After about 2 minutes of boiling take the baits out of the boiling water and let them dry on a clean towel or cloth. Boilies dry in a colander and let them be expanded. Boilie has a natural brown-red color but everyone can add to what he liked.